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Dragon tree (Dracaena...
Height - 45cm Dracaena marginata is one of the most beloved plants. And this is understandable - its unusual appearance allows you to insert a pot of flowers in almost any interior. Large specimens can decorate the office and a small dragon marginata at home will look very cute and cozy. In addition, the plant is relatively modest, which allows even...
Nephrolepis exaltata Green...
Green Lady: An elegant variety of Nephrolepis fern. Nephrolepis Green Lady is an ampelike crop that is distinguished by its high decorative qualities and ideal for growing in hanging planters. Height - 35cm. Pot size - 12cm.
Aloe arborescens
Aloe arborescens, the krantz aloe or candelabra aloe, is a species of flowering succulent perennial plant that belongs to the genus Aloe, which it shares with the well known and studied Aloe vera. The specific epithet arborescens means "tree-like".  It grows up to a metre tall indoors. The height of 35cm, pot size 12cm.
Hedera Schamrock hoop (in a...
This miniature evergreen Ivy has dark green, round tipped Shamrock shaped leaves. It may grow to approx 60 cm. - Evergreen - Climbs walls and fences - Covers bare spots quickly Height (including pot): 30cm Plants are natural products and can therefore deviate from the photo upon delivery.
Helxine (Soleirolia...
Size - 20cm, stone pot. Lovely green sod with delicate leaves. Helxicin is easy to grow. In the vernacular, it is called house happiness, peace of mind and boyhood. Grows in both shady and sunny places. Avoid direct sunlight. It rarely blooms, the flowers are modest, small, whitish green. Water plenty from spring to autumn. Keep the soil constantly moist....
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